A FILMMAKER will go from Windsor to Wales for her upcoming short film next month.

Megan Bullock, a former Windsor College student, is preparing for her final year project at University of Hertfordshire.

The film, called The Creadur, follows three men, Luke, Josh and Eric, who go hiking in the Welsh landscape, and spending time in Luke’s parents’ cabin, one year after their death to help him grieve.

Before the cabin is sold the boys plan a final night there, where an ancient stalker, who tests the strength of their brotherly bonds.

“I ultimately wanted to create a world surrounding the fear of the unknown,” Ms Bullock said.

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She explained the idea came from a film called 10 Cloverfield Lane, where the protagonist relies on suspiscious information which was high risk.

She added: “Along with this, I focused on my characters; I find that most horrors which I'm scared to watch, use their characters' demons to create fear.”

Ms Bullock said her whole team is incredibly excited to get on set.

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She said: “We have ambitious plans after our final edit to submit our film to many film festivals over the summer.

“As a horror film, we have a variety of opportunities for film awards and we are most definitely aiming high.”