WINDSOR’S MP insists there will be no by-election after the Liberal Democrats aim to break the blue wall in the constituency.

Earlier this week, the Lib Dems announced Julian Tisi as its parliamentary candidate to contest Adam Afriyie MP for his seat in preparation for a possible by-election.

This all depends on the bankruptcy proceedings against Windsor’s long-serving Conservative representative filed by HMRC.

In response to the Lib Dem activity in Windsor, Mr Afriyie said: “It was a humbling and moving experience to be re-elected with another big majority in 2019 so, as you can imagine, I am totally committed to continuing to fight for my constituents through this difficult period.

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“Let me be clear. There is not going to be a by-election in Windsor before the next general election.

“The incompetent Lib Dems should concentrate their efforts on learning to respect democracy rather than playing politics and rumour mongering during a pandemic.”

If Mr Afriyie does declare bankruptcy, it does not necessarily mean he will have to step down as an MP and trigger a by-election – unless a bankrupt restriction order is made against him as set out under Parliamentary rules.

Slough Observer: Julian Tisi, the Windsor parliamentray cadidate for the Lib DemsJulian Tisi, the Windsor parliamentray cadidate for the Lib Dems

Following on from the Lib Dem wins in Chesham and Amersham and North Shropshire, the party is hoping to build that momentum and breakthrough another blue wall in Windsor.

The leader of the Lib Dems Ed Davey MP said Windsor is a “winnable” blue wall seat and it will be a “two-horse race” between his party and the Tories.

Mr Tisi said: “Windsor is at the heart of Boris Johnson’s crumbling Blue Wall which the Conservatives have taken for granted.”

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HMRC could not provide a comment on the status of Mr Afriyie’s bankruptcy case due to taxpayer confidentiality.

However, a spokesperson said: “We only petition for bankruptcy as a last resort after extensive efforts to engage with the debtor and agree an affordable payment plan. We cannot disclose information about individual cases.”

Previously, Mr Afriyie said he would pay any tax that is due.