A sea of silences seems to have come in the aftermath of the Duke of York being stripped of his honorary military titles.

Members of the public didn't wish to comment on whether it was fair for the Queen to strip Prince Andrew of his titles.

The Observer visited Windsor this afternoon trying to speak to residents about the matter, to which we were met with silences and grunts.

On Thursday, January 13, Buckingham palace announced that the Dukes military affiliations and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen.

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This came after an American judge threw out Andrews motion to dismiss a civil sexual assault case against him, and ruled it can go to trial.

During a visit to the clear-up operation after Storm Arwen in the north east of Scotland, the Prince of Wales was also asked about his views on his brothers position.

It is said that the Prince of Wales ignored the question, and went on to shake hands with some of those he was there to meet in the storm-hit country estate.