A COMEDIAN said he “feels like himself again” as he heads to Norden Farm for his latest show.

Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Daliso Chaponda, will step into the spotlight at the Maidnhead arts centre for his new gig, Apocalypse NOT Now.

The Malawian born stand-up said it’s “absolutely astonishing” to be back on tour again.


He kept himself busy during the pandemic by streaming a show out of his kitchen but he said it’s good to have crowds again.

Chaponda said the show is a chance to talk about the pandemic.

“The idea is to try to make sense of the frustration and loneliness and fear and panic of the last 2 years and to make something funny.

“That’s why the title is Apocalypse NOT Now because I'm trying to celebrate the fact that even though we flirted with the end of the world, it did not end.”

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Speaking exclusively to The Observer, he recalled his Britain’s Got Talent experience was like living the dream.

He was lucky enough to get the golden buzzer from Amanda Holden back in 2017.

“It was amazing,” he added.

“It was very stressful, though, the final was terrifying, but I had dreamt of having a big audience after over a decade of doing comedy, and suddenly I had millions of people listening to my jokes."

Chaponda explained a big moment in his career was when he performed in Malawi, a place where there was no stand-up comedy.

He said: “We just rented a conference room in a hotel and crammed it with a thousand people - it was shambolic, the sound was terrible, low production but it will still always be the most delightful thing because I was entertaining my people.”

Speaking about the new tour, Chaponda added: “The show started as something that was 80% about the pandemic, and now it's 30% pandemic - it's also about loneliness and change and so much more. 

“There's also a topical bit to the show and life is so bonkers - I cannot wait to debut my jokes about whatever shambolic things are going on with the government the week of the Maidenhead show.”

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Chaponda said: “I'm so delighted, I'm so happy - expect an escape from pains and stresses. 

“Audiences can expect an hour and a half of senseless laughter. 

“I usually have an agenda or a point to make, but Apocalypse Not Now is just to make you laugh because we all need it.”

Chaponda will perform at Norden Farm on February 4.