BLOOD Brothers cast member Niki Evans has taken a “completely different approach” as she reprises her leading lady role this year.

The X Factor star is currently playing Mrs Johnstone in the well-known musical at the Theatre Royal Windsor until Saturday (January 29).

Evans has been on tour since last August with three different shows after covid forced shows to stop.

She said: “It is very nerve wrecking because your body isn’t used to going through all these emotions.”

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Evans added the role of Mrs Johnstone is very dear to her.

And although she is reprising the role, after playing it 10 years ago in London’s West End, she said she’s taken a completely different approach this time.

“Mrs Johnstone was my very first role, and at the time I didn’t understand the physics or have any of the knowledge that I have now,” she said.

Evans explained she’d been asked to play the part again over the years but said she had to be ready to come back to the show.

“I had to go away, grow up a bit, learn my craft, everyone knows me as a massive singer but time Bill Kenwright stripped that away from me,” she said.

“It’s really difficult to change it up as I’m used to singing so loudly, but when he asked me to sing my songs like a lullaby in rehearsals he started crying and said it sounded so beautiful.”

Evans said she owes it to Bill Kenwright for having faith in her talent and first hiring her in the West End.

She said: “I’ve had a whole career of playing so many amazing roles which I never thought I was capable off, and it’s all because of Bill, who held his hand out to me and said I could do this.

“I’m still very humbled by everything, I do try my best every day and audiences appreciate that.”

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Blood Brothers is on at Theatre Royal Windsor until Saturday, January 29.