A GROUP of bank workers took a trip down memory lane as they met outside a Windsor branch to bid farewell ahead of its closure.

Former members of Lloyds Bank, on Thames Street, Windsor, were welcomed by the branch manager and current staff to say goodbye to the workplace they all met at 60 years ago.

Staff who joined the company between 1961 to 1971 reminisced on times they spent working there as its set to close next month.

The group included Bridget Henderson, Marlene Barter, Julie Preston, Nigel Ladd, Joan Williams and Linda Weatherall.

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They collectively said they were saddened at the loss of the bank for the community saying the customers that visit like that “personal touch.”

One member of the group said: “It will be interesting to see what the glorious building becomes but they will always have fond memories of their time.

“The support and friendships made through our time at the bank is so valuable and the group have met up many times over the years, but we’re missing our dear friend today, Pat.”

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And the conversations didn’t stop there, they all then gathered to carry on reminiscing over lunch afterwards.

The former employees remembered the bank managers of their day and explained the bank today is “unrecognizable” compared to the cashier desks back when they worked there.

They also spoke of how customers were regular and their surnames were known by them all.

Each day’s cheques came through from the central sorting system on Cannon Street, London.

And some of the workers also recalled how women didn't get the same job opportunities back when they worked.

One of them said: “That’s just how it was it was, we didn’t know anything different.” 

And since they worked there many of them have stayed loyal to Lloyds Bank.