A JUNIOR ice hockey goalie has been described as “one to watch” after he won player of the game for the first time.

Archie, who plays for Slough Junior Jets on the First Shift Programme, started his journey with the club two years ago.

Now the eight-year-old goalkeepers hard work has paid off and is hoping to become a Bees Ice Hockey skater in the future.

Slough Observer: Archie in his ice hockey gear. Picture: Bees Ice Hockey Club.Archie in his ice hockey gear. Picture: Bees Ice Hockey Club.

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Archie explained what made him want to get on the ice and be a goalkeeper.

He said: “Mum and Dad took me and my brother Liam to watch a school zone game against the Raiders and I loved it, and I wanted to be like Adam Goss.”

When asked what his favourite moment on ice has been, he said: “Being a mascot for the TSI World Bees and winning player of the match for the Slough Junior Jets.

“My favourite Bees skaters are Harvey Stead and Ryan Webb.”

The First Shift Programme offers children aged from three to 12 the opportunity work on their ice hockey skills.

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They take any child from their very first steps onto the ice to level four skating ability.

Dave Williams, of Bees Ice Hockey First Shift Programme, said: “Archie has been great ever since he took that first step onto the ice.

“Like most kids, they want to try something new in a safe and fun environment, learning a new skill and enjoying themselves at the same time.”

Mr Williams added Archie always wanted to be a goalie.

He said: “It didn't matter how many times he fell over, he got up, smiled and carried on, so it is not  surprising to him being successful for Junior Jets.”