AN IRISH comedian said audiences can expect a “high energy hour of stand-up” for his gig in Windsor next month.

Danny O’Brien, 34, of Dublin, is heading to The Old Court for his latest tour, The God of All Things Bad, on March 12.

The former social worker, who has family in Windsor, said it feels incredible to be back in the area.

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He said: “The energy from the Windsor crowd is second to none.

“Having done a few shows already, I’m now starting to get into the flow of it all.

“The first few shows you do you’re just finding your feet, so by the time it gets to my Windsor gig I will have ironed out all the kinks.”

Slough Observer: Picture: Danny O'BrienPicture: Danny O'Brien

Danny explained he always loved watch stand-up when he was younger.

He said: “I watched Eddie Murphy raw and I even got into trouble watching it when I was a kid. “Growing up  in the country, we didn’t have any comedy clubs and because I wasn’t happy with my work in a bar I decided to start doing comedy writing workshops.”

After performing his first stand-up gig in Dublin, Danny was hooked and hasn’t been off the stage since.

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And this show is all about Danny’s journey over the past two years.

In the last 18 months, he has been busier than ever where he ended up stranded in Central America for three months during lockdown.

The show follows his journey over land and water to meet the highly worshipped Mayan deity that is 'Maximón' in Guatemala and gives the show its name.

And Danny will also be making a special announcement at his Windsor gig.

Visit The Old Court to find out more.