ELECTRIC vehicles are allowed to enter the controversial A4 bus lane during peak times as the scheme is made permanent.

From Friday, February 25, motorists driving zero-emission vehicles displaying green number plates can use the bus lane between Dover Road junction and Sussex Place anytime.

The temporary experimental scheme was approved to be made permanent by senior councillors at January’s cabinet meeting.

Pedal cycles, solo motorcycles, taxis, authorised private hire vehicles, and hire Neuron e-scooters will be allowed to use the bus lane during peak hours as well.

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The permanent bus lane will remain operational at peak times only, which carbon-emitting motors will not be allowed to enter it between 7am and 10am and 3pm and 7pm Monday to Friday.

Keeping the A4 lanes will cost nearly £100,000 from the government’s integrated transport block funding grant to adapt and add to existing lines and signs.

Senior councillors say this is to create a “modal shift” for people to move away from their private cars and move to public transport and/or active travel, such as cycling, for short journeys to reduce congestion and air pollution as well as improve public health.

Speaking at the cabinet meeting in January, Cllr Pavitar K. Mann (Lab: Britwell & Northborough), lead member for transport, said: “We’ve never been shy in coming forward with measures in improving the overall health of our town.

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“Whether that was the commitment we made when signing the charter of cleaner air, the implementation of our free to use green gyms that we’ve installed across town, the 10,000 trees that we planted, and yes, our bus lanes.

“We will continue to provide the political and corporate leadership that is needed to help our town make the step change in its activity that is needed.”