FRUSTRATIONS among residents have been raised as holidaymakers’ cars are left outside neighbours houses for days.

People who live in Colnbrook and Langley have speculated that airport companies are taking their customers cars to and from Heathrow, in order to save on costs at the airport car park.

According to nearby locals and Independent councillor Madhuri Bedi (Foxborough), this issue has been ongoing since travel restrictions were lifted.

David, who lives at Linden House, Slough, said: “People who seem to be flying abroad use our car park as a long or short stay parking facility for the airport because they know it’s safe and free.

“A lot of people around here, particularly the elderly and disabled, are really struggling to use their parking facilities and it’s very frustrating for them.”

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David added although there have been various meetings with his housing office about the issue, residents can’t seem to get a resolution from anyone.

“Everybody is passing the problem back and forth and no one seems to be doing anything,” he said.

“I don’t personally drive so I’m not directly affected, but I have two friends in the same area who drive, they get home late, and they struggle to find a parking space.”

Having raised it with the Slough Borough Council, David was told it wasn’t down to them to sort it out, it was down to the block’s landlord.

David explained people who live in the area have also been putting messages on cars that shouldn’t be there telling them not to park in that space.
He suggested he feels residents should maybe have their number plates registered to a specific parking spot.

“Having it registered, with their number plate sprayed in the space, could mean that whenever there is a vehicle in that spot that shouldn’t be there should then be reported and towed,” he said.

He also explained having CCTV in the car park might also help identify who exactly is parking there.

A council spokesperson said: “Residents and councillors have reported issues with car parking in areas nearby the airport.

“We understand their frustrations, however if there are no parking restrictions in place on the road, and the vehicles are taxed, there is no enforcement action the parking team can take.”

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Cllr Bedi said: “I do understand that there are no yellow lines or restrictions on these roads but this is a huge issue for residents.”

She suggested the council writes a letter to surrounding areas to see if they are experiencing the same problem, such as Staines.

Cllr Bedi added the council should write a letter to Heathrow Airport highlighting what’s going on to see if they are aware of it, which she feels they may not even know about it.

“Just saying sorry isn’t right, I really feel it’s not a good enough response,” she said.

“I feel the residents deserve better, we’re all struggling now with the cost of living going up so I don’t think people will want to have to pay for permit parking.”

“It’s really important we work at this together, the residents are our eyes and ears and they need to be heard.”