ACTORS stepped into the spotlight as they perform a play in Windsor this week.

Windsor Theatre Guild headed to The Old Court stage for its latest production of George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm.

Directed by Anna Jones, the unsettling ‘fairy story’ was originally based on the Russian Revolution of 1917 and its aftermath.

With its themes of freedom, fake news and the corrupting nature of power, it is as relevant today as when it was written at the end of the Second World War.

Cast member Steve Mappley, who is playing the role of Napoleon, said audiences can expect a “very passionate and intense piece of theatre where there's lots of messages on political environment today".

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Having not performed on stage since 2019, Steve added he is excited to be acting infront of a live audience again.

He said: “The last couple of weeks I’ve made some errors, but we all have helped each other out in rehearsals.

“We will do this and we are hugely looking forward to playing in front of an audience.”

Slough Observer: Picture; Windsor Theatre GuildPicture; Windsor Theatre Guild

Speaking about the role, Steve said he normally gets cast as baddies.

He said: “In real life I’m docile but with acting you can put on a different hat and sometimes find elements of your own personality within your character.

"Everything was laid our for me in the text so I knew how to approach the character of Napoleon."

Steve explained Animal Farm is very much an ensemble piece.

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“Everyone’s got their own part in the play and we all have to be big, you can’t afford to have anyone to have a small part as it would spoilt the impact we’re trying to get across," he said.

The production is on until tomorrow (April 9) at The Old Court, Windsor.