AN ANGRY woman said she has been living in a sewer for months as leaky pipes have not been fixed.

Slough resident Emma McDermott, who lives in Meadow Road in Langley, said she and her 19-year-old son have been living in a house that “stinks” for five months after the council’s housing repair contractors Osborne failed to come out to do repair jobs.

Back in 2019, repair work was commenced in her bathroom after it was flooded but was halted due to the national lockdown in March. All the wooden fittings, rotten wood, and exposed pipes were left as is.

Slough Observer: Pipe work in Ms McDermott's bathroom has been exposed since 2019Pipe work in Ms McDermott's bathroom has been exposed since 2019

Slough Observer: A bowl has been placd under Ms McDermott's toilet to catch the dripping waterA bowl has been placd under Ms McDermott's toilet to catch the dripping water

Ms McDermott tried to get Osborne to come down and fix the issue when restrictions were lifted but to no avail.

But the work was left for too long as the problem treacled down into the kitchen and caused another flood. She said the kitchen cupboards have now rotted and the house smells like a sewer.

Slough Observer: Some of the rotting cupboards had to be removedSome of the rotting cupboards had to be removed

Slough Observer: Water is still leaking in the kitchenWater is still leaking in the kitchen

She said: “It’s like living in a sewer. You get up every morning and your clothes are stinking of it. It’s sub-standard. My son and I have been living in that for five months trying to get cook and every time you wash up, you have to move your body away from the sink because it’s all pouring out under the sink. It’s awful.”

“I’m living in a property that no one should be living in,” she added.

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After an Osborne inspector looked at the damage, Ms McDermott was told repair work will start on May 9. However, no one showed up that day and when she called Osborne, she was told the work was ‘cancelled’.

When Ms McDermott, who took three days off from work, later called back, another call centre operator said the schedule date ‘was in error’ and was waiting for approval.

An Osborne spokesperson said: “Our aim is to get these issues sorted as soon as possible. We have contacted the resident concerned to confirm a convenient appointment and our Resident Liaison Officer will be the point of contact moving forward.

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“The work has been authorised and our surveyor will be visiting the property tomorrow (13 May). The surveyor will inspect the property and scope the extent of the work required. We anticipate that subject to the surveyor’s inspection report that the work will be completed by the end of next week.”