SIGNS are set to be put up in Langley following complaints about the ongoing roadworks.

Drivers have shown their concern after witnessing or being involved in multiple crashes around Brands Hill roadworks and temporary roundabout on Sutton Lane.

A resident, wishing to remain anonymous, was involved in a crash in March and said the works are “poorly managed”.

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He said he was driving from Colnbrook onto the roundabout towards Sutton Lane when he was “t-boned” by a car looking to join the roundabout.

The driver said: “I feel that the road is poorly managed and it's like the cones were thrown out with little thought or consideration.

“I was t-boned to my left side by another vehicle attempting to join the roundabout and it is poorly laid out as the person who crashed into me believed they had right of way due to there being no road markings.

“I know the law of the road states vehicles on the roundabout take priority over vehicles joining.”

A council spokesperson said following a site meeting last month the team has agreed to some changes.

They said: “The give way sign on the centre reserve island is being moved back a metre or two to improve driver views for eastbound traffic approaching and stopping at the roundabout.

“They are also going to be placing a larger ‘new road layout ahead’ and ‘reduce speed now’ sign between the garage and the chicane.”

Slough Observer: The roadworks have been causing chaos in the area for a while. The roadworks have been causing chaos in the area for a while.

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The spokesperson added a highly visible sign saying ‘accident black spot, please give way’ will be placed just before the roundabout.

This is said to encourage drivers to take more care when entering the roundabout from the eastbound carriageway.

“On the eastbound approach we will place a roundabout sign showing the left turn as Sutton Lane, straight ahead A4 and the small turn into Brands Lane as a dead end,” they added.

“The A4 westbound approach will also have the ‘new road layout ahead’ and ‘reduce speed now’ sign, plus a roundabout destination sign, with Sutton Lane to the right, A4 straight ahead and a dead end for Brands Road.

“The signage is being made and will be installed as soon as we receive it.”