MULTIPLE bird shootings have taken place across Windsor and Slough this year.

Datchet-based charity Swan Support, which is a swan rehabilitation centre that looks after injured birds, has explained the situation is “getting worse” throughout 2022.

Wendy Hermon, manager of Swan Support, said: “It’s just frustrating and it’s getting worse.

“They are just people who are bored, brainless and just don’t care about these birds.”

Ms Hermon added it’s “beyond tiring” for her team at Swan Support.

She said: “My ideal solution would be for someone to get caught and be made an example of, they need to be punished for what they do.”

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Resident Anthony Ford, or Windsor, who has witnessed some of the shootings in Windsor said: “These guys just don’t stop, I’ve seen it all before, if progresses to air pistols and the targets shift to children, toddlers and pensioners because if they are getting away with it for so long, no questioning, no arrests, nothing being done to apprehend them, why change?”

Here is a timeline of shootings that have happened across Windsor and Slough since the start of the year.


March 10, 2022

A swan was shot in Wraysbury on Thursday, March 10 where Swan Support attended the incident.


March 16, 2022

Two swans likely to be a breeding pair were shot dead in a canal in Iver.

Swan Support, a swan rehabilitation centre in Datchet, found the birds on the Grand Union Canal, at Mansion Lane, on March 16.

After taking them out of the water, the charity found that the pair had been shot, possibly by an air rifle.

Swan Support added the two birds were likely to be breeding and would have been in the process of setting up home ready to become a family later this Spring.

Slough Observer: Images showing the pair of swans being rescued by Swan Support. Pictures: Swan SupportImages showing the pair of swans being rescued by Swan Support. Pictures: Swan Support


April 18, 2022

A goose was rescued after it was shot in the back along a river in Dorney.

Swan Support went down to see the goose on the Jubilee River to find the female bird has been targeted with a crossbow.

Ms Hermon said because of its black feathers the bolt wasn't easy to spot.

She thought it had been shot a few days prior to Swan Support going down to help.

Slough Observer: Picture: Swan SupportPicture: Swan Support


April 25, 2022

A pigeon was shot dead and kicked repeatedly at the Riverside, on Maidenhead Road, Windsor on April 25.

A resident reported the incident to Thames Valley Police stating they saw two youths using a catapult to shoot the pigeon.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police issued a statement on this.

They said: “For this incident, the police were called at around 3.15pm and 3.30pm on Monday, April 25, where it was reported that two males had used a catapult to shoot a pigeon and kicked it repeatedly.

“Offenders are described as two white youths, aged 15 to 16.

“The male with the catapult had mousey brown hair, 5ft 6 ins tall, dark tracksuit with a hood.

“The other male had black hair, grey jogging suit and a black man bag.

“We would ask anyone who has information around this incident or may know who these youths are to call 101 quoting reference 43220177451.”

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May 5, 2022

Swan Support confirmed there was another incident where a man was spotted at the railway bridge near Bath Island, in Windsor, firing a pistol at wildlife.


May 11,2022

Just this week a swan was shot in Windsor with a catapult to which Swan Support also attended to rescue it.