Around 140 world famous foosball players from across Europe and the USA are gathering to compete for the nation cup this weekend.

The European Tornado Open, known to many as the FIFA of table football has chosen the well-known Curve Venue in Slough to host their European Championships.

Five world champions will be gracing the Tornado tables for singles, doubles and team events throughout the extended weekend.

The event started on Friday, May 12 and will continue on until Sunday, May 15.

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Rhys Roberts, who is a player in the over 53 category said: “In attendance will be former World Champions icluding Thomas Haas (Germany), Kevin Hundstorfer (Austria), My Linh Tran (Germany), Ecaterina Sarbulescu (Roumania) and Dave Ziemann (UK).” 

“It’s going to be a massive event. It is being held in Slough because the venue has access to the Tornado tables that we play on.”

According to the table soccer website this competition will be a warm-up event for the upcoming ITSF World Cup in Nantes, France, National teams that are competing this weekend from across the world can be comprised of any combination of Men, Women, Senior and Junior players.

There are also open events as well as events for Women and Seniors (aged 50+).