In the wake of Windsor Castle, Royal Guards greeted some of Berkshire’s finest into the luxury surrounding’s of The Ivy, Royal Windsor’s new brasserie.

As the red carpet was rolled out for the special night, and the sound of trumpets rang across the town everything about The Ivy screamed upper-class wealth and exotic elegance.

One thought that was clear was that there would be a lot of Instagramable moments throughout the evening, starting with a picture with the Royal Guards.

Slough Observer:

Upon entering the highly anticipated venue, guests were greeted with fine champagne and a truly intoxicating atmosphere.

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The usual tables and chairs were moved to make way for the droves of selected guests that had been invited on the night.

What I instantly noticed was the attentiveness of the servers from start to finish, circling with light canopies and drink refills.

The presence of soft furnishing among the restaurant with a host of luxurious pillows gave guests the chance to mingle whilst enjoying a sit down and engaging conversation.

It seemed as one progressed further into the restaurant, past the beautiful, mirrored bar and art deco gold finishings, that the atmosphere transformed to make room for a more exotic and energetic vibe.

It almost felt like two separate venues that merged seamlessly into one.

Hundreds of plants combined with the beat of drums from the one man band gave you the sense of a Jamaican holiday where nothing was off limits.

Yet just off this was a private room that was the perfect area for mingling and enjoying the company of the other’s privileged to be there before the official opening.

The music throughout the different areas of the restaurant gave those the chance to decide what kind of night they wished to have or vary it depending on their mood (or level of alcohol).

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My favourite part of the evening however was the circling of countless desserts. From macaroons to their famous crème Brulee doughnuts, this sweet tooth could not be denied, rounding out a most enjoyable visit to The Ivy Royal Windsor.

Upon leaving the venue, three hours later, the view of the castle and stillness in the air caused a feeling of peace and tranquillity that could only match the prosperity and history of Windsor.