SLOUGH Trading Estate has been home to more than 300 businesses employing around 10,000 people.

Successful companies that were set up on the trading estate include Mars, Telefonica, O2 and Ferrari.

And the premises is the world’s second largest data hub, coming after one in Ashburn, Virginia.

Known as the Slough Trading Company, SEGRO owned and managed the 243-hectare site, which was originally used as a Fire World War vehicle repair depot.

Under the company’s ownership, the Slough Trading Estate has become a business community where employees have come and gone over the years.

The iconic site has sparked lots of memories for our Slough Observer readers and some of them shared their favourite memories of Slough Trading Estate.

We heard great stories of peoples former jobs and reminisced on their time living near the estate.

Alan Greenaway said: “I worked at Zwicky and then Brichem both in Buckingham Avenue, I loved seeing the train go by.”

Jan Lee told us on how she used to work at Coopers Mechanical Joints and Norma Wood worked at High Duty Alloys Casting Division in the 1960’s.

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Norma added: “I remember the tram lines running between us and Head Office on Farnham Road. “Although I worked in the production and inspection offices, I remember the smell of alloy as you walked through the foundry and the metal clinker on the floors.”

Dawn Humble added she remember bin diving for chocolate.

Ruth Hougham said she also worked and lived near Slough Trading Estate and saw the train go passed.

Amritpal Singh Brar explained: “My dad worked for Citroen at Ajax Avenue and the head office on Bath Road during the 80s, 90s and 2000’s.”

And Christopher Killingbeck also shared some stories with us saying he worked at lots of factories on and can remember seeing a steam train running around the estate.

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He said: “I worked at Heathfield in the 70’s, hated it, and combined optics on the Bath Road and approached Nicholas on Bath Road.

“My dad worked in many of those places in the 50s.

“Mars is one place my dad worked, and he used to bring home lots of chocolate for us and we loved it.”

Sean O’Mahony commented “Mars chocolate” was his favourite memory.

Jean Lightfoot described Slough Trading Estate saying “the good old days”.

Darren Kean: “The power station train used to run from the Trading Estate up on the No.5 siding onto the main line now sadly long gone.”

Sja Contractors added: “Dragging myself to work doing 12 hour shifts for nine years.”