STREET lamps down a Langley road have been 'out for months' and residents have expressed their concerns.

The six lights on Peterhead Mews, Langley, have been faulty since December 2021, when it was first reported to the council by one of the residents.

But when raising this issue, the resident was told that the lights weren’t owned by the council and that they couldn't be fixed.

The resident, who wishes to remain anomyous, flagged the faulty lights to Councillor Madhuri Bedi (Foxborough Ward) in February this year for her to chase up with the council.

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Cllr Bedi followed this up for the resident explaining it is “deeply concerning” the council doesn’t know who owns the lighting on the road.

She said: “Peterhead Mews is a road within the councils borough in which Slough residents, who pay their council tax to Slough Borough Council, live.

“How is it possible to tell those very same residents that the lights do not belong to the council and as such the council do not repair these.”

Cllr Bedi since found out three of the six lights are owned by the council and the other three are not.

She said: “I cannot understand who doesn’t know who owns these street lights, I have asked and escalated it.

“We pay our council tax and our residents are just fed up with things not being sorted.”

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But she said the council still don’t know who the other three lights are owned by.

When Slough Observer contacted Slough Borough Council for a comment they said they had no reports of this case in the system.

A spokesperson for Slough Borough Council said: “We couldn’t see any report about these lights on our system.

“However, faults have now been logged for three columns.”