A POSTBOX topper which was decorated to celebrate this year's Platinum Jubilee and took hours to make was destroyed.

Nicky Hughes, who created the the Corgi postbox hat, has been a member of the Slough-based knitting and crochet group, Knit Your Socks Off, for two years.

And this special knitted covering, which was put up on Whittaker Road, Slough, was Nicky's first solo project.

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She said: "I decided to do the corgi for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee to mark the occasion and also to hopefully raise a few smiles locally.

"I also made the Queen but decided to place her on my window sill.

"The postbox is indeed a very neglected and scruffy one."

This is what the topper looked like before it got teared down:

Slough Observer:

But this week Nicky found out her topper had been destroyed after the cable ties were cut.

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She added: "I thought it was very well secured with ties and cable ties but these were cut.

"I feel upset that it was destroyed as it took many hours of work to construct.

"Although I'm not really surprised this happened as many people around the country have had this happen."

Slough Observer: The cable ties were cut offThe cable ties were cut off

Nicky explained she was surprised the postbox hat had lasted that long.

She said: "I'm glad it made some people smile and my postman also loved it so that's what counts really."