Around 45% of Britons said they have cut back on car journeys over the past fortnight after seeing a surge in fuel prices, according to new figures.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported an increase in the number of households highlighting a rise in their cost of living in its fortnightly survey of households.

The average cost of filling a typical family car with petrol has exceeded £100.

Some forecourts are already selling petrol above £2 per litre, according to price comparison website PetrolPrices.

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In Berkshire, these are the cheapest places for petrol and diesel:


BP Bath Road, Calcot 183.9p unleaded, 194.9p diesel

Maidenhead and Windsor

Esso, Forlease Road, Maidenhead - 189.9p unleaded, 199.9p diesel



Shell, London Road, Slough - 185.9p unleaded, 197.9p diesel

Esso, Iver Heath, Slough - 185.9p unleaded, 197.9p diesel


Tesco, Finchampstead Road, Wokingham - 188.9p unleaded, 196.9p diesel


Shell, John Nike Way Bracknell - 189.9p unleaded, 199.9p diesel