A NETFLIX comedy which was released this month was filming closer to home than you might think.

Rowan Atkinson’s new TV series Man Vs Bee was in fact filmed at an undisclosed location in Slough.

The story follows house sitter Trevor, who finds himself wrapped up in an ongoing battle with a bee while he’s looking after a mansion.

Berkshire Film Office and Slough Borough Council assisted the production in finding a unit base for the film crews to park their cars and tech vehicles.

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The film office confirmed it arranged parking for around 80 crew vehicles as the TV series was shooting at an private site in Slough.

Other cast members of the show include Jing Lusi, Claudie Blakley, Tom Basden, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Greg McHugh and India Fowler.

Since its release, the show has received positive reviews as it’s currently rated seven-out-of-ten on IMDB based on 188 reviews.

Slough Observer: Man vs Bee is currently on Netflix. Picture: PA MediaMan vs Bee is currently on Netflix. Picture: PA Media

One review on the website was titled ‘Rowan doing what he does best!’

It said: “Loving watching this, it really reminded me of Mr Bean and in a sense that's kind of what it is.

“I was genuinely laughing out loud a couple of minutes in.”

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Another reviewer on IMDB added it’s a “sweet” short series.

It said: “The character here made us laugh only through his acting, welcome back Mr Bean.”