DRIVERS parking 'inconsiderately' in the Royal Borough have been slammed by police.

Dangerous parking at junctions and pavements is putting other road users and pedestrians at risk, Thames Valley Police say.

It comes as police spotted this car parked obstructing the pavement, blocking the pathway for pedestrians, wheelchair users and people pushing prams.

Thames Valley Police said they received "multiple complaints from all over the Borough, about cars parked on pavements causing an obstruction."

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Generally, parking on double yellow lines and residential areas is a matter for traffic wardens, however, it becomes a policing issue if cars are parked 'dangerously' on junctions, obstructing pavements.

Police said: "If they have to walk in the road to get around the car - that is an obstruction and once reported to us, is a police matter. We are getting so many complaints that members of our TVP Neighbourhood Teams, are out and about, responding to those complaints.

"They are letter dropping homes in streets, where there is a persistent problem, to point out that parking in this way, is anti-social and could be dangerous. "

Cars are also receiving warning notices, informing them that if it's done a second time they will be fined.

Officers said: "Please do not think we are not responding to this issue nor taking it seriously, we are."