ANTISOCIAL behaviour issues are still ongoing in Chalvey as a resident said it’s a “nightmare” for neighbours.

Cabdullaahi Axmed, who lives on Chalvey Road West, originally contacted the Slough Observer in mid-June explaining about the groups of people who gather on the corner of Alexandra Road.

He said himself and other residents are “fed up” with the noise and amount of mess that is left all over the floor.

And he explained he has reported the situation to both the council and police multiple times.

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The other night Mr Axmed said the adults and teenagers were out until late causing disruption to residents.

He said they are sometimes there until midnight.

"We have asked them to go away so that we can have a bit of tranquillity and a good night," he added.

“The car engines and music is on loud and it's a nightmare.

“They have no respect towards other communities, they are not violent, but they are leaving behind litter such as roasted sunflower seeds, sweet wrappers and takeaway containers.”

Mr Axmed said the individuals are loud and are disturbing many residents in the area.

A council spokesperson previously said: “People have the right to gather and have conversations in any public area, so we ask residents to be tolerant of each other and treat each other with respect.

“If people are gathered around talking and socialising outside their properties, or anywhere in a public space, and causing anti-social behaviour, harassment, alarm or threat, this needs to be reported.”

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Despite Mr Axmed claiming he has reported it to Thames Valley Police multiple times, officers confirmed this week they couldn’t find anything on the system.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said: “Thames Valley Police will take action if we witness littering occurring, but littering should be reported to the local council to organise the removal.

“If there are instances of antisocial behaviour then please report them either by calling 101 or making a report online.”