A DEDICATED physiotherapist and football coach who ‘brought joy to everyone’ died after ‘losing control’ of his car, an inquest heard.

Jaspal Saundh, from Maidenhead, died from a head injury as a result of the single vehicle crash in which he was the sole occupant, an inquest held at Cockermouth Coroner’s Court was told.

The crash happened at around 9am on Saturday, February 12 on the A66 at Ketland Moor near Appleby.

The 24 year old, who was working as a physiotherapist at Flex Health in Hull, was travelling on the A66 to a friend’s wedding in Glasgow.

A witness to the collision told the inquest he was driving on the A66 when he saw a BMW ‘suddenly jump to the left’.

He said: “As we were approaching the dual carriageway we saw a BMW car suddenly jump to the left and swerve back onto the carriageway before completely leaving the carriageway.

“It disappeared out of view into a ditch. I do not recall how many times it spun before falling into the ditch. I was shocked. I immediately exited my car to assist any occupants.

“I was trying to get a response from the driver. I do not know what caused him to lose control.

“I did not notice any poor driving or animal or object on the road.”

The witness said weather conditions were poor but visibility was good.

A woman who was sitting in Café 66 next to the A66 saw the accident out of the window, an inquest heard.

She said she heard a ‘massive bang’ after seeing a red BMW ‘swerving over from side to side on the carriageway’ before leaving the road completely.

The eyewitness dialled 999 and a team of six to eight firefighters attempted to gain entry into the vehicle, the inquest was told, and discovered the driver had died. A post mortem examination found Jaspal died of a massive head injury.

An investigation report conducted by a police officer in the collision unit revealed that an examination into the car found no faults in the vehicle.

There was also no evidence that Jaspal was using his phone while driving and no phone calls were recorded. He was also found not to have been driving excessively fast.

The report considered driver distraction, micro-sleeping and aquaplaning (brought on by adverse weather conditions) as contributory factors to the loss of control which resulted in the collision.

Coroner Dr Nicholas Shaw ruled a verdict of death due to a road traffic collision and said that Jaspal ‘most likely aquaplaned’ which is the ‘most likely reason’ as to why the car crashed but it is ‘impossible’ to pin down one specific reason.

In a statement read out to court, Jaspal’s family paid tribute to the ‘best son, brother, friend and colleague that anyone could ask for’.

Jaspal, trained as a football coach and physiotherapist, working at Wycombe Wanderers, KiddiKare, Flex Health and Hull City FC throughout the years.

He also set up his own football development school in 2017 and was ‘very well known’ in the area for his football coaching and spotting talent.

His family said Jaspal was often in the park at 7am with a group of kids coaching football which was his passion.

After graduating from York St John’s University, he moved back to Maidenhead and worked at the hospital as a physio before being offered a job in Hull.

His parents described him as a safe and competent driver and his BMW was his ‘pride and joy’.

Paying tribute to Jaspal’s life, his family said: “The news of Jaspal’s passing changed over lives forever. He was the best son, brother, friend and colleague anyone could ask for.

“He made friends easily with everyone. He always succeeded at what he put his mind to. He was full of ambition and well on his way to being an amazing physio, he had the ability to heal any injury by making people believe in him.

“He brought joy to anyone he met. He will live in our hearts forever.”