The heatwave will pose a ‘danger to life’ in Slough as it becomes subject to the UK’s first ever ‘red alert’ temperature warning.

The Met Office has forecast highs of 40C in the country for the first time, with at least 35C predicted for the town on Tuesday.

All residents are vulnerable to serious illness and a danger to life from the heat, not just the elderly or young children, the forecaster said.

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Met Office Chief Meteorologist Paul Gundersen said “Exceptional, perhaps record-breaking temperatures are likely early next week, quite widely across the red warning area on Monday, and focussed a little more east and north on Tuesday.

“Currently there is a 50 per cent chance we could see temperatures top 40C and 80 per cent we will see a new maximum temperature reached.”

The current record high temperature in the UK is 38.7C, which was reached at Cambridge Botanic Garden on July 25 in 2019.

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“Nights are also likely to be exceptionally warm, especially in urban areas. This is likely to lead to widespread impacts on people and infrastructure.

“Therefore, it is important people plan for the heat and consider changing their routines. This level of heat can have adverse health effects.”

Met office weather forecast this week


A sunny morning is expected, with more in the way of cloud for a time through the afternoon. Staying dry with light winds through the day and feeling warm. Maximum temperature 27 °C.


It will be dry overnight with long clear spells for most. Winds falling light, perhaps with an isolated shallow mist patch forming around dawn. Minimum temperature 12 °C.


A fine, dry day in prospect with long sunny spells and light winds. Feeling very warm inland, cooler around coasts. Maximum temperature 28 °C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Staying generally fine and dry with light winds. Temperatures climbing through the period, becoming very hot by Monday, perhaps exceptionally hot on Tuesday with an increasing breeze.