Throughout Berkshire there are hundreds of dogs that need rehoming after ending up in The Dogs Trust through no fault of their own.

From Terriers to Lurchers, German Shepherds and cross breeds these dogs will melt your heart.

The Dogs Trust homes over 15,000 animals a year and has just started it’s Dogs Trust Freedom fostering project. This is after the surge in demand to help people and dogs fleeing domestic abuse.

Some dogs however are looking for their forever homes after experiencing a trauma or just finding themselves in a difficult situation.

Here are six dogs at The Dogs Trust in Newbury that will bring you to tears.

Barney Rubble

Age: 1 years-old

Breed: Lurcher

This lively pup loves spending time with people, playing with toys and munching on tasting treats. Because of his age he will take a fair amount of training to become a well-established dogs. However, he is sensitive and affectionate which is always good for training.

Slough Observer:

Barney is in need of an active home to provide mental and physical stimulation. The Dogs Trust have started fundamental training with him including loose lead walking and improving his doggy social skills.

A medium to large garden in a relatively quiet area would be the best environment. The trust would like to rehome him as an only dog for the time being as he will need work on keeping calm around other dogs.

Barney would be perfect for someone who wants a big boisterous dog that can be around while he settles in to the home.


Slough Observer:

Age: 8 year-old

Breed: German Shepherd (GSD/Alsatian)

Bella is an affectionate girly, who loves a fuss and will paw at you if you try to stop. You can often find her lounging in one of our paddling pools on a warm day or splashing around in the pond!

The Dogs Trust would love to rehome her to a loving home that has lots of time and love to give here. She is currently learning how to wear a harness, her name response and loose lead walking.

Bella is general good with other dogs but would prefer all the attention to herself in her new home.

Suitable for children over 8 years old, she is house trained and willing to be left alone for up to 4 hours – with training.



Age: 5 years-old

Breed: A crossbreed

Fudge is a friendly dog looking for a quiet and peaceful home environment ideally in a rural setting.

Slough Observer:

Her adopters will need to continuing working on building her confidence, her reaction to sounds and her dog skills. She will also need a visitor programme put in place to so she can feel safe when people do come over.

Fudge could live with children age 16 and above who can respect her space. She will initially need someone around to help settle in and anytime left on her own must be built up slowly.



Slough Observer:

Age:11 years-old

Breed: Jack Russell Terrior

Hermione is small but full of character. Although she has a lot of energy, she is quite an anxious girl and will need stability, time and space in order to build bonds and start to settle in.

The Dogs Trust in Newbury are looking for a new home that is located in a quiet area with minimal visitors to the household

Hermione will need a secure "terrier-proof" garden so she has somewhere safe to play and relax off-lead. She has shown resource guarding behaviours around food in the past so her adopters will need to be willing and prepared to manage this in the home.

In addition to this she also has some training programmes that she has started here at the centre and will need to continue in the home. These training programmes mainly revolve around her fear of strangers and other dogs.

She has the potential to be left for a couple of hours providing this time is built up slowly. Because of her training and behaviour needs, we are ideally looking for a committed home that is local to the centre.



Age: 2 years-old

Breed: Terrier Cross

Jazz is a fun, playful and loving 2-year-old Terrier Cross who enjoys spending time with his humans. Although he can be worried by new people, he is a clever boy who likes training and food. Once trust is built up, Jazz is a wondeful companion.

Slough Observer:

As Jazz is cautious of men, the best household would be female only with at least 2 people. Because he can be worried by new people, he will need a visitor programme put in place so he can feel safe when people to visit. 

He has the potential to be left for a couple of hours providing this time is built up slowly and once he has time to settle in.



Age: 1 year-old

Breed: Lab Cross

Slough Observer:

Max is a new dog that has been recently handed over to the trust. He is a loveable, active boy who enjoys going on long sniffy walks with his canine friends. He can be affectionate when you get to know him.

As Max is quite active, his new owners will need a big garden with a minimum 6 ft fence and who will be able to provide him with at least 1 to 2 hours exercise a day. 

Thos Lab Cross is dog friendly and would benefit from having walking buddies but would prefer all the attention to himself in the home.

He has the potential to be left for up to 3 hours providing this time is gradually built up and he has had time to settle in. Max is housetra