E-SCOOTERS usage in Slough has boosted the economy, improved air quality and traffic, a new report has found.

Data from Neuron Mobility has found that each rental e-scooter in Slough contributes £15,200 to the local economy annually.

The report, titled “Shared Rides, Shared Wealth” looks at the economic benefits that e-scooters are having on towns and cities in the UK.

In Slough, findings show that 62 per cent of e-scooter journeys result in a purchase, with an average spend of £16.20.

This adds up to an estimated cumulative annual spend of £4.6 million a year.

The report was put together via partnerships with local business organisations, data from Neuron’s operations and surveys of riders and the broader community.

Rider surveys, carried out in July, go on to show that 10 per cent of trips would not have happened if an e-scooter was not available.

When survey respondents were asked where they spent their money on their trips, 47 per cent said shopping venues, 16 per cent said restaurants and 16 per cent said a recreational venue such as a gym or local event.

Of the riders surveyed, 96 per cent said Neuron has benefited their town by improving mobility, air quality and congestion.

However, residents have previously raised concerns about the safety of e-scooters, reckless users, driving dangerously and people abandoning e-scooters on pavements and driveways.

There have also been a number of fatalities involving e-scooters, including Mason Pitt, a boy who fell off an e-scooter in August.

Neuron Mobility operates across three locations in the UK, Newcastle, Sunderland and Slough and estimates that it brings in a total of £14.9 million into the local economies surrounding their operations annually.

UK Regional Manager at Neuron Mobility Cormac Quinn said: “Our vision has always been to partner with towns and cities to help them build a more prosperous and sustainable future.

“We’re heartened that our new report clearly demonstrates we’re on the right track.

“The data shows our e-scooters are helping to boost Slough’s local economy and revive local high streets, which is certainly welcome, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As we continue to expand and develop new partnerships, we’re delighted that the vast majority of our riders – plus an increasing number of local businesses and venues – are recognising and benefiting from the positive impacts micromobility has on the economy.”

Neuron works with major employers to understand travel patterns to set up convenient parking spots and to ensure enough e-scooters are deployed.

Their service runs 24/7 connecting employees with their workplace and people with their community.