Netflix's Heartstopper has started filming with Windsor residents reporting sightings of the film crew.

The camera crews were spotted down St Marks Road outside the series' lead protagonist Charlie's house, played by Joe Locke.

Residents took to social media to share the sighting, having been told by the crew that they were filming a Netflix comedy drama. 

There has not yet been official confirmation from Netflix. 

Heartstopper began filming for season two on September 22, with many of the filming locations being in Slough and Windsor

The British coming-of-age romance follows two school boys as they realise their friendship may be something more. 

Navigating young love and tackling social issues, the boys, Nick and Charlie are played by rising stars Kit Connor and Joe Locke. 

Season one was filmed in April 2021, ahead of the series premier a year later in April 2022.

Locals may recognise filming locations in the series, such as Windsor Riverside, Bath Island and Pleasure Ground. 

The show also uses E-Act Park Burnham Academy for it's rugby scenes and has featured Hollywood Bowl in High Wycombe.

Heartstopper season two has not yet got an official release date, but it is speculated to be in 2023.