The cost of living is soaring and the proportion of people struggling to pay their energy bills is now up to 45%, with those on the lowest income the worst affected, according to recent figures released by ONS.

Here is a roundup of where you can receive help and support in the Slough area.

Households are advised to look at what government help they are eligible for via alongside the £150 council tax rebate most households in England will receive.

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People should also check their eligibility for council tax discounts such as a single-person discount.

Slough Borough Council has temporarily closed its Household Support Fund, which aims to support families with food, energy, water bills and essentials.

Residents are being told to keep an eye on the council's website and social media for information about the next fund.

Slough Outreach also offers help and support to those struggling financially by providing 'hot meals, warm clothes, advocacy support to those struggling with homelessness, complex needs and the less fortunate people' in the community.

They can be reached by phoning 07832 442424 or emailing