THE boss of a historic Slough pub has spoken of the spooky happenings at the venue that she has experienced since taking over.

The Ostrich Inn in Colnbrook High Street, has reportedly seen over 60 murders on its premises, carried out by previous landlord and serial killer Mr Jarman.

Together with his wife, the couple built a trap door into the floor of one of their bedrooms and would tip sleeping victims into the hidden compartment, into a vat of boiling liquid.

Slough Observer: A model of Jarman's contraption can be found in the InnA model of Jarman's contraption can be found in the Inn (Image: Daisy Waites)

The pair were later hung for their crimes after a missing horse led a search party to the Inn's doorstep.

Known as the blue room or room 11, guests can book to stay in the reportedly haunted room, sleeping in comfort knowing the trap door has since been sealed up.

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Slough Observer: Sarah Morgan, manager of The OstrichSarah Morgan, manager of The Ostrich (Image: Daisy Waites)

The manager of The Ostrich Inn, Sarah Morgan, has 12 years of experience dealing with all things ghostly.

“It’s interesting, it adds an extra element. It’s not just the run of the mill, it’s got those little stories, you’re waiting for something to happen."

“I wouldn’t say it is scary," Sarah said.

Despite this, Sarah has had her fair share of spooky encounters.

“Years ago I was locking up and there was somebody in white down by the specials board."Slough Observer: The Ostrich Inn's restaurant The Ostrich Inn's restaurant (Image: Daisy Waites)

Sarah has also experienced the feeling of being prodded in the back while being in the cellar. 

Ghost hunts carried out in the pub have often reported sightings of an old man sitting in the corner and others have experienced the sensation of falling when walking under room 11.

"A lady stayed here a week. Every day her bags got bigger and bigger. She said she wasn't sleeping.

"When we got into the room to do housekeeping she had put towels on all the pictures. She swore the picture's eyes were moving and watching her."

Another customer reported feeling the weight of someone else in the bed and old-fashioned noises, including a horse and cart.

Slough Observer: Inside the historic innInside the historic inn (Image: Daisy Waites)

When I asked Sarah if she was a ghost believer, she said: “I am a bit, but I’ve figured they can’t hurt you as much as real people can."

“You learn to live with it, there are footsteps and noises that you just tell yourself ‘well that will be someone upstairs’."

Staff have reported the automatic door to the kitchen often opening and closing by itself, sometimes followed by a thud in the kitchen.

Sarah recounted her experiences staying in the Inn.

“I stayed in room three, not reportedly a haunted one. I woke up in the night and I swear I saw someone in the corner of my eye walk through, from one side to the other. I felt the presence."

Slough Observer: Room three where Sarah had a spooky encounterRoom three where Sarah had a spooky encounter (Image: Daisy Waites)

Another time in room 11 Sarah 'heard knocking in the wardrobe'.

"When I went over and opened the wardrobe the knocking then came from the other side of the room."

Speaking with staff member Hayley Hearn, she recounted a sighting of a floating lady in a long old fashioned white nighty and shoulder-length dark hair.

As such, staff were shocked to find out the description matched that of the outfit Mrs Jarman was hung in.

The public is invited down to the Inn this Halloween, with a special food menu, cocktails, a kids party on Saturday afternoon and mediumship and card readings on Sunday.