A Berkshire man is now the proud owner of a Guinness World Record (GWR) after completing 22 Olympic distance triathlons in seven days in memory of his brother.

Mark Jones, a 44-year-old gardener who lives in Wokingham undertook the challenge in Windsor between July 18 and 24.

The triathlon included 33km of swimming, 880km of cycling and 220km of running all within one week.

The previous record stood at 20 triathlons, but following evidence scrutiny, Mark was awarded the record in October, having beaten it by 10 per cent.

Mark decided to take on the challenge this year to mark the 15th anniversary of his youngest brother Steven’s death.

Steven was brutally murdered in an unprovoked knife attack in Croydon in 2007 at only 23-year's-old.

Mark who was born and raised in Croydon, tried to save his brother during the attack.

He has since suffered significant mental health problems as a result of the tragic event.

Mark said sport has been the only thing keeping him going, so he chose to take on the challenge in memory of his brother and as a nod of gratitude to the sport.

Speaking about his World Record, Mark said: "I wanted to do this challenge for my brother and to raise awareness of the huge loss and damage caused to families by knife crime.

"So many kids get into situations they don’t know how to get out of and they believe that carrying a knife shows they’re tough and think that it will protect them.

"So often it goes wrong and they and others get hurt and killed. It is no way to live."

Slough Observer:

Mark has partnered with London-based anti-knife crime charity Steel Warriors to raise funds to install a street gym in Croydon in memory of Steven.

Steel Warriors work with communities where knife crime is a real problem and threat.

They take seized and surrendered knives off the streets, melt them down and recycle the steel to be used in building outdoor gyms in the areas where the knives were collected.

The spaces are then used as community hubs and training centres to support disadvantaged young people.

So far donations amount to nearly £2,500, with further fundraising events being planned.

Mark and Steel Warriors need to raise approximately £45,000.

Founding Director of Steel Warriors Ben Wintour said: “Mark is an incredible ambassador for our charity.

"I hope this inspires other people who perhaps aren’t content with their lives or who aren’t following a safe and healthy path, to set their hearts on a goal and achieve something positive and then go on to live better stronger lives.”

To donate to Mark's cause visit justgiving.com/fundraising/mark-jones295