It was a disappointing weekend for Bees Hockey, suffering defeats on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday the Bees travelled up to Hull for a battle with the Seahawks who are the position below the Bees in the League table. 

Juha Lindgren was quick to put the Bees in the lead with his goal at just 11 seconds into the game. James Galazzi was to follow suit less than three minutes later with a fantastic goal assisted by Ryan Webb and Alan Lack. Tensions were running high and soon got too much for Seahawks Declan Balmer and Bees Will Stead and they ended up exchanging words behind the goal earning them both roughing penalties.

James Galazzi quickly followed his team mate into the penalty box with a two minute slashing penalty. All this action in the first five minutes of the game - both teams battled hard and had some great chances stopped by the netminders. Seven minutes into the second period Declan Balmer was assisted by Jamie Chilcott in putting the Seahawks on the scoreboard at 27:23. Seahawks quickly added two more goals by 28:02 with another goal from Declan Balmer and one from James Archer putting the score at 3-2. 

The Bees battles hard trying to take away the Seahawks momentum but the second period passed with the score remaining at 3-2. 

Brendon Walkom assisted Juha Lindgren in scoring goal number three for the Bees at 46:46 bringing the scores level but the euphoria was short lived and at 48:28 Nathan Salem and Lee Pollitt helped Bobby Streetly to take back the lead for the Seahawks. Seahawks then went on to score goal number five as Nathan Salem found a way passed Adam Goss. 

The Bees called a time out and then went on to pull Adam Goss from the net in order to have an extra skater on the ice for the final two minutes, unfortunately for Doug Shepard’s side this backfired as Bobby Streetly scored an epic empty net goal bringing the final score to 6-3 in the Seahawks favour. 

On Sunday the Bees hosted the Bristol Pitbulls at Slough Ice Arena. The Bees wore their Remembrance jerseys which were co-designed by a fan who is also a veteran. After an act of Remembrance and the National Anthem it was time to face off.  Period one was full of fast paced, solid end to end hockey and aside from a couple of minor penalties it passed with no event. 

Period two saw an early goal from Morgan Clarke-Pizzo putting the Pitbulls onto the scoresheet, shortly after Vanya Antonov showed the Bees the same courtesy with his unassisted goal at 27:33. The Pitbulls were desperate to keep their lead and at 31:34 they reclaimed it with Caly Robertson making the score 1-2. 

The Bees maintained a good possession of the puck and fired great shots on goal but they just couldn’t get the puck passed Will Kerlin. Period two was a much better period which saw both times managing to get some good puck time. 

One minute into period three Brendon Walkom levelled the score line with a beautiful goal assisted by Vanya Antonov. 

After a timeout call for the Pitbulls - Stuart Mogg and Alan Lack assisted James Galazzi in scoring a fabulous third goal for the Bees at 43:40 before, less than three minutes later, Juha Lindgren was assisted by Dan Bradley in scoring goal number four for the Bees. The Pitbulls scored their third goal at 45:20 with a goal from Luke Smital assisted by Ed Bradley. 

Both teams played some solid end to end hockey with Pitbulls desperate not to give the Bees the win. Pitbulls finally achieved goal number four at 57:56 with a goal from Morgan Clarke-Pizzo assisted by Luke Smital and Owen Sobchak. 

Regulation time passed and the score remained 4-4 sending the teams into overtime. 

Both teams played great defence which meant that overtime passed with no events to talk about and no goals leaving the teams to head to a battle over penalties. 

With only Brendan Walkom managing to score for the Bees and the Pitbulls  managing two goals the Bees took the loss but still took one point from the game. 

This weekend the Bees travel to Peterborough on Saturday to face the Phantoms- face off 7pm. On Sunday the Bees host the Swindon Wildcats at Slough Ice Arena - face off 5pm.