A repair cafe and second-hand market are set to take place this weekend.

Organised by Slough's Anti-litter Society, there will be a repair cafe and market on Saturday, November 26 at the Artful Hub inside the Queensmere Shopping Centre.

The repair cafe, which hopes to save items from being thrown away, will see volunteers from the community fixing a range of items including an iron, an electric lamp and trousers, while tea and coffee are served.

Those wishing to get their items fixed are encouraged to book a slot online to ensure availability in the 11am to 2pm operating time.

Volunteers, who are knowledgeable in either fabric, electrical or woodwork, will ensure items are safe and electrical equipment is PAT tested.

Founder of Slough Anti-litter Society and organiser of this weekend's upcoming events, Tirza Meinema said: "People should come along and learn new skills if they are interested in repairing things around the house, instead of throwing them out.

"It is very important to meet face to face again and to create a community. Something which is easy to access and everyone can join, with benefits for people who are coming and volunteers, while being low cost."

Slough Observer:

Adjacent to the repair cafe, at the old B&M store, a second-hand market will see Slough residents selling their unwanted goods from 10am to 4pm.

Tirza said: "We've got 13 stands now, but we still have availability for more people to sell their stuff.

"It is a great way to make a little bit of money before December starts and a good way to tidy up and declutter your house.

"With the cost of living crisis, people might not have a lot of money to go shopping and for Christmas presents, these can really be solutions for people - having something repaired or buying something second hand."

Those wishing to sell their unwanted belongings are asked to pay £2 or £5 if a table needs to be provided.

The market, which last happened in January, received a positive reaction from the community.

Funded by One Slough SBC and the lottery fund, the Anti-litter Society is hoping the events will reduce landfill and waste.

For more information and to book a slot at the repair cafe or market, visit sloughantilitter.org.uk

Slough Observer:

The events will be taking place on the same day as Slough's Christmas light switch-on.

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