SLOUGH homeowners looking to give their houses a makeover are needed for a hit prime-time television series.

Channel 4's 'Worst House on The Street' is a show where property developers use their expertise to help families transform run-down houses into dream homes without blowing the bank.

With over 70 per cent of renovations going over time and over budget, brother-and-sister property developers Scarlette and Stuart Douglas will use every trick in their book to help families make their money go further.

Using 'innovative and thrifty' changes, the pair will reveal how much the renovations have increased the property value by the end of the project.

Slough Observer:

Families, couples and friends who take part will have access to expert help and the chance to maximise the renovation and value of their home that they are 'fixing up'.

The show aims to follow the renovation journey of people who have either just purchased their home or are close to purchasing and about to begin their renovation process.

Series Editor Claire Edwards said: "In this cost of living crisis people are still being priced out of the property market.

"Many that can afford to buy, are only able to afford projects to get on the property ladder. 

"Our property experts can help spend any budgets wisely, get the most for your money and hopefully increase the value of your property to give some additional security for the future."

Those wishing to apply for the show must have a renovation plan with the goal of completion within the filming timeframe of January 2023 to May 2023. 

To apply or enquire email or apply here