THE days of waking up to a light frost and rushing out to scrape car windscreens are fast approaching as temperatures continue to plummet. 

Forecasts are predicting that this week we will see temperatures drop below freezing, so get ready to wrap up warm and add extra time to your commute.

Starting on Tuesday, December 6, temperatures will reach lows of zero and continue to fall as the week goes on, according to the Met Office weather forecasts.

The temperature will then fall to -3 Degrees Celcius on Wednesday, reaching this week's lowest temperature on Thursday as Berkshire expects lows of -4C.

Rising slightly to -2C, the low temperatures continue on Friday and Saturday.

On Sunday temperatures are not expected to drop below zero.

However, sleet is expected to fall in the early part of next week, with Monday, December 12, seeing lows of 1C.

The Met Office has said that this week is 'an increasingly cold but rather dry period'.

It states that Berkshire can expect a cloudy beginning to the week, with increasing amounts of sunshine by Thursday.

Adding a light to moderate northerly wind will be felt by the area along with a chance of frost and ice.