Bin men in Slough were trapped in Fleetwood Road after a Volkswagen blocked the lorry in for two hours.

During a routine collection down the dead-end road at 10:30am, a car 'effectively blocked the road for anything bigger than a normal vehicle'. 

The lorry driver, who did not wish to damage either vehicle, knocked on neighbouring houses to locate the owner. 

Upon notifying the council, a supervisor attended the scene and attempted to pilot the vehicle through the gap but declared the situation 'impossible'. 

Over two hours later, at 1pm, the Volkswagen owner returned, having been shopping in the local area.

A spokesperson from Slough Borough Council said he 'failed to apologise to anyone for the inconvenience'.

"We are just happy it wasn’t a fire engine trying to get through and was only our bin lorry."

Slough Borough Council have taken to Twitter to shame the driver.

They said: "If your bin was collected late today, apologies.

"Due to some unexpected parking by a car driver who wasn't a resident of the road one of our lorries was stuck down a cul-de-sac for more than two hours.

"Luckily it is free now."