A Slough teenager has passed his HGV Grade One lorry driving test at the age of 18 years and two months.

Gurrajan Dhaliwal said: "It feels amazing. It is an accomplishment you can get at a very young age."

After training for about a month with Harry Driving School, Gurranjan was awarded his license on October 27, 2022.

The process required him to hold a car license beforehand and after starting learning with Class Two lorries, known as smaller vehicles, Gurranjan turned his sights to Grade One, the larger lorry class, for a 'real challenge'.

"I think the process was a little different due to my age. The examiners wanted to see me being more careful on the roads since I have a lack of experience.

"I think they were tough and I understand why. An 18-year-old on the roads with one of the biggest vehicles you could possibly drive..."

Due to his age, Gurranjan is facing multiple limitations, with many insurers refusing to insure him due to his age, or charging extortionate prices.

However, Gurrajan is keen to follow in his father's footsteps, who is a franchise owner of a lorry company.

"I've wanted to do it from such a young age. I saw myself getting into the business.

"I hope I can open my own lorry fleet one day."

Recent events such as Brexit and the Covid pandemic have left the industry in disarray after a shortage of drivers has resulted in long delays.

"I think Covid and Brexit have impacted the whole industry.

"All these people coming in and helping out with the lorry industry and driving the vehicles, most of them have gone or they are planning on getting rid of them.

"It is going to impact all the logistics as there is a lack of drivers as you saw in Covid."

Gurrajan plans to start driving officially in February, having passed all his qualifications and participated in relevant safety courses.