TALENTED residents will appear in a BBC show to find out if they can turn their hobbies into a business.

A duo who turn items destined for landfill into furniture and a woman who taught herself the art of glass will appear in BBC One's Make it at Market.

The show challenges aspiring amateur craftspeople to see if they have the skills to make profitable businesses from their garden shed hobbies.

Software engineer Saurabh Kalra, 39, and cabin crew member Fernando Donadel, 43, are Windsor residents who discovered a love for upcycling pre-loved furniture after taking a 'do it yourself' approach to their new home. 

Slough Observer:

Their passion took off and together they began RetroEnterior, an upcoming business dedicated to their love for painting.

"It gives us immense joy to be able to turn something which was meant for landfill into statement pieces," they said.

Upon applying to the show in 2020, the pair went through a selection process where they were chosen to star in the show, which was filmed in summer 2022.

"It was a very good experience, we learnt a lot.

"We met the host, Dominic, who was very friendly.

The pair were mentored by Joey Poole, who founded Populuxe Boutique.

"Joey Poole was a very good mentor, his experience and work skills meant we got to learn tips from him regarding how we can excel as a business.

"At first we thought he was being a bit harsh, but it was his honest thoughts.

"The audience will see how we started as a business, from home, and how we grew over time with our mentor's guidance."

RetroEnterior takes furniture from charity shops and the Facebook Market place, cleaning and sanding them down before reconditioning them and giving them a new lease of life.

Slough Observer:

They offer advice to anyone thinking about getting rid of old furniture.

"Think twice because furniture can be transformed and loved again. Someone's trash could be someone's treasure."

Saurabh and Fernando eagerly await the episode's release saying 'we are really excited, we can't wait. But we are nervous'.

Alison Vincent from Stoke Poges is also to be featured in the show, where she will showcase her love for hot glass, in which she is self-taught and a relative newcomer.

With just 100 blowing days under her belt, Alison is not yet a master of glass art, with many waiting seven years for the title.

Slough Observer:

Following the application process, Alison was 'thrilled' to be selected.

Alison says: “The filming process and challenges were intense."

“It was such a fantastic experience and I’m so lucky to have been a part of it. 

"The ability to get specific advice from my mentor, Allister Malcolm, a top professional glass artist, is priceless. 

"The other crafters are all very talented and supportive and Dom and the production team are so helpful and approachable”.

“I’m very excited to see my episode but also quite nervous as I have no idea how it will be edited and won’t see it until it’s aired.”

Slough Observer:

The episode will air on BBC One at 4.30pm on January 12, where both parties will showcase their talents.

Make it at Market airs weekdays from Monday, January 2 at 4.30pm on BBC One and iPlayer.