THE sale of a former Beatles gig venue in Slough has been given the final go-ahead by senior councillors.

Cabinet members agreed to sell the former Adelphi Theatre in Bath Road, which now operates as a Buzz Bingo Hall, for just over £4m to potentially become a banqueting suite.

Selling off the town’s last Adelphi Theatre will help reduce Slough Borough Council’s £760m borrowing.

The building was bought in 2018 by the local authority for £4.6m in order to protect it from development and bring it back to community use. However, this was no longer possible after the council effectively declared bankruptcy in 2021.

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The Adelphi was built in the 1930s as an independent cinema but saw crowds of people flock to the 2,042-seat auditorium to see the major acts of the 1960s and 1970s, such as the Beatles, Roy Orbison, and even guitar-legend Jimi Hendrix.

Although the venue is set to be used to host events and weddings, the council and the new owner agreed for a five-year covenant to be placed on the former theatre to protect its façade and interior from development and significant alterations.

Pat Hayes, executive director for property, said: “Hopefully, the new use will get more people inside the building and is a significant community asset for the borough.

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“Hopefully, it will drive some increased economic activity in the area. So, I think it’s a good outcome and we will now go away and finalise the financial and legal arrangements with the purchaser.”

An application to list the Adelphi nationally, which would further protect the building from development and demolition, was rejected five years ago as more of those types of buildings were still around.

But Adelphi Theatres are disappearing from the UK, and the chances of the next application, which can be made and submitted by this summer, being chosen have increased.

Cabinet members agreed to sell the former Adelphi Theatre on Monday, January 16.