A history of complaints about a waste disposal area in Slough have come to light after firefighters spent 11 hours battling a blaze with black smoke being seen right across Berkshire.

Land owner Network Rail has now said it believes the 'necessary steps' have been taken to prevent any future incidents.

On January 8, the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service scrambled crews to a commercial premise on Station Road in Langley.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered an industrial fire involving tyres, wooden pallets and heavy goods vehicles - with crews from 10 stations attending to tackle the blaze for 11 hours.

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Slough Observer:

It has since emerged that there have been numerous complaints recorded regarding the site over many years.

Residents have been documenting their concerns about the 'noise, dust, fires and piles of waste' for five years, with many reportedly reaching out to Slough Borough Council and involved parties for action.

Friends of Slough Canal, a Facebook group made up of locals, said: "Several businesses are part of this compound and they range from leaking cement dust in the air, to burning waste, and generating high levels of noise."

The land is owned by Network Rail and is leased to DBCargo who in turn have sub-let it to Eurostorage Ltd.

Eurostorage has since reportedly let small pockets of the compound to other companies.

Originally an oil storage depot operated by the railway network, no planning permission was needed due to bylaws granting the use of the land adjacent to the tracks for railway use. The depot closed and the land was decontaminated.

A spokesperson from Friends of Slough Canal said: "In June 2020, approximately a couple of years after Eurostorage began occupying the land a breach of planning report was made to Slough Council.

"It was confirmed that there has never been a planning application for any use of the land in question. An investigation was underway.

"It is now coming up to three years and there has been very little progress.

"A dangerous site with no permission to be there is in effect being allowed to continue. The site is a danger and a constant nuisance."

Slough Observer:

Slough Borough Council did not confirm any planning breach at the site. However the authority confirmed a complaint at the site was investigated in August 2022 and its investigations continue.

A spokesperson said: "A complaint was looked into regarding piles of waste and instructions were given to the site manager to clear this and it was to be reviewed in January 2023.

“The team will be making arrangements for this review to take place this month as planned.”

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency also added: “We make regular visits to the Eurostorage site to ensure operators are working within the limits and conditions the Environment Agency has set for the site, and have taken action in the past to close down operations or bring them into compliance where offences have been identified.

“We recognise the concerns of residents following the fire, and will continue to actively monitor this site."

Slough Observer:

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Services have yet to confirm the source of the fire earlier this year and said the incident remains 'under investigation'.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “The Eurostorage site in Langley is currently leased to DB Cargo, a rail freight operator, who in turn have taken on Eurostorage as a sub tenant.

"Under the terms of the lease, all day-to-day management of the site is the responsibility of the tenant.

“We understand the concerns of local residents and as such have spoken directly to DB Cargo following the fire on January 8.

"We’re confident that all the necessary steps are being taken to prevent any future incidents.”