A junior doctor from Slough will soon appear on TV in a show about A&E workers at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Zakariya Sattar, a 25-year-old from Slough will be starring alongside his peers in Emergency: First Time Medics, a show providing an 'insightful and honest look at the drama of A&E through the perspective of junior doctors'.

Having studied at Nottingham University, Zakariya is in his second year on placement before he is able to specialise.

His first year on placement was spent at Wexham Park Hospital, where he was born.

"I have wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. It's all I have wanted to be since a kid at the age of nine or ten," Zakariya said.

The show, which will air on Freeview channel W follows Zakariya and eight other doctors as they navigate their day-to-day experiences.

Describing the show, Zakariya said: "It is an insight into how hectic and busy it can be in A&E, how much goes on behind the scenes and how demanding it is.

"It also shows how well the NHS system works to look after people."

The show was filmed at the Royal Berkshire Hospital after producers approached staff and broached the subject of the show.

After a meeting and confirmation as to who would be happy to appear on TV, crews began filming in September, finishing production in October after six weeks of filming.

Talking about the filming process, Zakariya said: "It was really fun and interesting.

"I haven't done any TV work before so it was a new experience.

"It was fun to go through my day-to-day job and talk through what we go through on a daily basis. Especially the highs and lows of being a junior doctor."

Long time friend of Zakariya's, Ashik Mohamed said: "I have known Zak personally for the last 10 years and think this show really demonstrates the excellence of Slough and he is easily one of the most dedicated people I know.

"I think this documentary would be interesting, particularly at a time where you are seeing more doctors and nurses leaving the NHS.

"It's inspiring to know that the next generation are still passionate about preserving one of the greatest institutions this country has seen."

A Royal Berkshire spokesperson said: “We’re really proud to see the hard work and compassionate care provided by our Emergency Department team featured in Emergency First Time Medics.

"The show is an insightful showcase of what happens behind the scenes in our busy Emergency Department which sees hundreds of patients every single day.”

The show will be airing at 8pm tomorrow (January 25) on channel W.