THE Prince and Princess of Wales have helped pack food parcels at a Windsor foodbank.

Prince William and Kate spoke with members of Dedworth Green Baptist Church, where Windsor Foodshare is based, before rolling up their sleeves to get stuck in with helping pack food parcels.

The Prince and Princess chatted with volunteers throughout the visit and were keen to understand how the cost of living crisis had impacted demand.

The pair were told all about how donations are given, dates checked and the process of packing and distributing food parcels - with each being given a trolley and a list of items to collect for a family.

Prince William packed the bags with great "neatness" and ensured the eggs were kept "safe".

Towards the end of the visit, Prince William joked with volunteers asking "did I pass my initiation?" and promised to return to the Windsor foodbank in the future.

Sarah Kember, manager at Windsor Foodshare, said: "It went well. They were such a lovely couple. So down to earth and friendly. I was very nervous this morning."

Foodbank users can pick up food parcels on a Thursday.

Each parcel aims to keep a family going for four to five days and includes fresh fruit and vegetables alongside a loaf of bread.

It's uncommon for a foodshare to provide such a service with many not able to accommodate perishables.

Last year the couple made the family's main residence, Adelaide Cottage, in the grounds of Windsor Castle, making the foodshare just on their doorstep.