Recent data released by the NHS has revealed a Maidenhead GP practice is amongst the worst for face-to-face appointments in the country.

NHS data has revealed that many are still struggling to get face-to-face appointments with their GP following the digital shift throughout the pandemic which saw key services turn into telephone consultations and online forms.

In a list naming and shaming the GP practices with the fewest face-to-face appointments, Ross Road Medical Centre in Maidenhead has been ranked 38th worst for in-person consultations.

The data shows that only 31.7 per cent of appointments at the practice take place in person.

Throughout the country, during the same period, 69 per cent of GP appointments on average were held face-to-face.

Prior to the pandemic, the rate of face-to-face appointments was upwards of 80 per cent.

Ross Road Medical Centre declined to comment on the data.