A grammar school on the outskirts of Slough has been rated "good" after a two-day Ofsted inspection.

Burnham Grammar School has been praised for its "passionate" teachers and "enthusiastic" students displaying "exemplary" behaviour.

Findings of the report state: "Pupils, including those in the sixth form, benefit from high aspirations set for them by leaders and staff.

"This includes disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)."

Students at the school are provided with a "calm and purposeful" setting and are "polite and respectful".

An "ambitious curriculum" is delivered with a focus on "high-quality" education and it was found that many students stay on and complete their studies at the school's sixth form.

The school is reported to have "effective" safeguarding practices and Ofsted found that "bullying occurs very infrequently".

"There is a strong focus on supporting positive mental health in pupils and staff."

The report highlighted few areas for improvement but outlined that: "In a very small number of subjects there is some variability in the quality of the curriculum’s implementation."

This is thought to have an impact on pupils' performance, with Ofsted stating: "Leaders should ensure that the curriculum is implemented consistently across all subjects so that pupils achieve as highly in these subjects as they do elsewhere."

The report follows a five-year gap in inspections, with the latest being an ungraded inspection to assess the school's attainment.

While the inspection did not have the ability to change the school's current Ofsted grading, Ofsted has said: "Burnham Grammar School continues to be a good school."

Headteacher of Burnham Grammar School Dr Andy Gillespie's said: "I am extremely proud that the tireless work of staff and students and the many areas where Ofsted found and described ‘exemplary’ practice.

"The report reflects daily life at the school and the comments on the quality of relationships between staff and students, the support provided to every individual student to enable them to achieve and aspire were humbling.

"The report has confirmed the impact of our focus on individual achievement through Responsible Learning and we will continue in our work to improve further.”