This week Slough turned heads by landing in the top five worst places to live in England - coming up fourth in the poll.

In the controversial poll, people from all over the country cast their votes about where they thought was the worst place to live, with little data to show what Slough residents really think.

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Therefore, we asked our readers what they thought of the rating - as let's face it, who would know Slough better than those who live here?

While many have agreed with the town's rating, some have also run to the defence of the town.

Fiaz Chaudry said: "Slough is in a great location."

Fiaz listed the perks of the town, stating it's 15 minute commute to Paddington and Heathrow, alongside many motorways in a 10 minute radius.

He also mentioned Slough Trading Estate and the many company HQs, Pinewood Studios, Wexham Park Hospital and the towns growing house prices.

However, Diane Gallagher responded to the news by saying "sounds about right".

She stated "no shopping centre", "concrete jungles everywhere", "lack of amenities" and "overpopulation" as reasons she agreed with the ranking.

Meanwhile, Maz Hussain said: "Not the worst place to live in but the worst place for shopping for sure."

Michal Radzikowski shared optimism that "in 10 to 15 years Slough will improve" - it is within this time that Slough's shopping centre will be demolished and rebuilt under new plans for the town.

Janis Bayne, who was born and raised in Slough said she agrees with the news.

"It was a great place to live. It was a town I was proud to have grown up and lived in.

"Now it is a dirty ghost town."

Matt Rooke agrees and says how he "deliberately avoids" the town.

"The amount of traffic lights to come in and out of the town is crazy and off putting, once there the shops are a shell of what was there when it was in its prime.

"Slough should have a lots going for it, the beautiful houses on certain roads, the industrial estate, big high street with big car parks close by, big superstores."

Matt described it as having "all the best ingredients" but "coming up with dog's dinner".

However, at the Observer we don't believe Slough deserves this ranking.

Slough is home to some brilliant and talented people who have strived to do a lot of good, fighting back against how the town is perceived.

While the shopping centre is going through some major changes, it is still important to support local businesses and enjoy the range of eating establishments in Slough.

Slough Trading Estate is also leading the way as Europe's biggest trading estate, boasting jobs and movement into the area.

Local parks and attractions such as escape rooms and the trampoline park have also provided a larger range of things to do in recent years.

Whether you love it or hate it - with one reader joking that Slough is like "marmite" - Slough will always be famous for its chocolate factory, trading estate and "iconic" role in the TV show The Office.