A police helicopter was seen hovering over Maidenhead yesterday after Thames Valley Police (TVP) was notified of a stolen vehicle.

At 3:51pm on Sunday, February 12, a National Police Air Service (NPAS) crew was requested to help TVP with tracking down a car.

The request followed a report made to TVP regarding a stolen vehcile in the area.

During the 36 minutes that the helicopter was seen in Maidenhead, a police presence was seen near Boulters Lock, later moving down Ray Mead Road towards Bridge Road.

A spokesperson from NPAS said: "A National Police Air Service helicopter crew from the NPAS Benson base was tasked to assist Thames Valley Police with the search for a vehicle in the Maidenhead area."

TVP said that upon finding the vehicle, they discovered the report was false and the car had not been stolen.