A Slough gym has opened up about how it has been struggling with the rising cost of living.

Kayani Camp Boxing Club located in the Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre is owned and managed by boxer Amar Kayani and his brother.

However, since last year the club has been struggling financially.

Amar said: "The electricity prices have gone through the roof. It has come to the stage now that it is so expensive and it is becoming hard to afford.

"Right now we are really struggling to pay our bill."

Slough Observer:

Since the gym opened in 2021 it has been a hub for the local community, with Amar hoping to get as many young people off the streets as possible.

Speaking on the importance of stopping youth from becoming involved with crime, Amar said the gym has been praised by parents since opening for changing lives.

"You just have to look around the gym," Amar said.

"There are kids in there that you would never think to see in the boxing ring. When they come to the gym they change.

"They can relate to me.

"Growing up I was a bad kid, I was around the streets messing around. Only when I started to take boxing seriously did it change my life.

"Our main goal is to keep the kids off the streets."

Slough Observer:

Now the gym is looking at options to help it stay affordable, including funding and donations.

"There should be more funding for places like us.

"We're not here to make a profit, we are here to serve the community.

"Without funding, we might have to close our gym down."

Amar has plans to begin fundraising to make up the electricity cost for the year.

"Hopefully that will help us stay on top of it and keep the gym going as long as it can."

The gym is also facing pressures from the centre as the ongoing Queensmere Observatory Shopping Centre redevelopment may mean that Kayani Camp Boxing Club may need to relocate.

However, Amar wishes to reassure concerned parents that the club will seek to continue opening within the town centre.