A voluntary group at the heart of the Slough community has been nominated for an award.

Slough Outreach, which helps the homeless and vulnerable in the area, has been nominated for The King's Award for Voluntary Service.

The nomination was presented on March 7 at Bracknell Salthill Park.

Shin Dhother, co-ordinator at Slough Outreach was there to receive the award.

He said: "We are really glad. It is nice to be acknowledged and for the community.

"To win would mean lots to the community we serve.

"We don't do this for awards. Our volunteers are selfless and want to do something good and give back.

"Slough Outreach is a coordinated seven-day operation so I would like to thank all our volunteers."

The volunteer group began operating in December 2017 and has since helped the homeless and vulnerable in the Slough and surrounding area.

Slough Outreach will find out if they have won the award in November in time for the King's birthday.