AFTER a day out at Windsor Castle, the owner of £127k car was shocked to find it had been stolen from the car park.

Paulius Baltrunas, 33, is now on trial at Reading Crown Court charged with stealing the Lexus SUV on May 3, 2021 together with another unnamed individual.

The defendant, of Ilford in East London, admits he did drive the car away from the King Edward VII car park but has told the court he believed it had belonged to someone else.

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Prosecuting, James Norman said: “There is no dispute that Mr Baltrunas drove the vehicle away from the car park where the owner kept it.

“However, Mr Baltranuas mentioned he drove the car away innocently and had no idea it belonged to its true owner as he had been misled.

“The issue is whether Mr Baltrunas acted dishonestly and whether he intended to deprive the owner of the vehicle permanently by stealing it.”

The court heard that after that car was driven away by Baltrunas, he was spotted by a lady who was looking out her window in Slough.

He was seen with a black Mercedes convertible and two other men. The lady decided to take photographs of the men and the vehicle.

Mr Norman said: “There is no doubt that that is Mr Baltrunas outside her address in Crown Meadow.

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“A little while later, she took her dog for a walk and she said that the men were not only associated with the SUV but a black SUV.

“As she watched, the Mercedes was driven away but she didn’t notice what happened to the SUV.”

A while later, Baltrunas was stopped by police in Slough while driving the SUV after the owner reported it missing from the Windsor car park at about 1pm.

It was searched by Metropolitan police officers who found on Baltrunas’s possession some gloves.

Also found in the car were an Armani leather bag which inside has two pairs of gloves, a torch, a wheel nut and also a signal jammer.

In the boot of the vehicle, police found two number plates.

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The stolen black SUV had a tracker and a personal number plate. It was tracked by police after it was reported as stolen and it was tracked to Slough before the tracker stopped working.

The trial, which is expected to conclude by Tuesday (May 9) next week at the latest, continues.