A councillor has called for more traffic enforcement in the area after an increase in offences.

Last month Moneyshake revealed that Slough drivers had the seventh most points on their license in Great Britain.

The research in which data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) was analysed found that one in 43 drivers in Slough have three points or more on their license.

This equates to 24,326 points amongst the driving population, 34 per cent more than the average points in Great Britain.

However, one anomaly saw a driver with 27 points on their license in Slough.

Typically points are given to motorists for offences such as speeding, driving without due care and attention, using a mobile phone and drink or drug-driving offences.

A motorist will be handed a driving ban if they exceed six points on their license in the first two years or more than 12 after. Penalty points stay on your licence for either four or eleven years – depending upon the offence you committed.

Lead member for transport and highways, Cllr Puja Bedi, said: “This has been an ongoing issue in Slough and the only way to address it is to have more enforcement not just for speeding but also red light running, mobile phones, seat belts and drink/drug driving.

"Tackling enforcement is the only way to address the casualties in Slough whether it is Slight, Serious or Fatal injuries.” 

New data from the Ministry of Justice show that in 2022 6,942 motorists were caught and convicted for speeding offences in the Thames Valley.

It was up 18 per cent from 5,895 convictions the year before.

Overall, 73 per cent of the 9,505 motorists in Thames Valley who had court proceedings for speeding ended up being convicted of the offence.

Most people caught speeding are handed a £100 fine and either penalty points or invited to participate in a retraining course.

But cases involving serious incidents or motorists denying exceeding the limit often end up in court, where fines can reach a maximum of £2,500 for speeding on a motorway.